Carpentry Workshop

United Construction Establishment W.L.L Carpentry Work Shop Division (CWSD) was established with an objective to provide high skill carpentry work and joinery related decorative designs and workmanship services/ products to its own in-house established divisions and to the various building projects in both Private and Public sectors.

The CWSD has rendered its services by completing over than 100 projects either internally or exter nally, as well as high profile governmental projects that required a more sophisticated dilated craftsmanship such as schools, Qatar Armed Forces, and Car Parks in addition to many private external projects such as hotels, professional offices and luxuries homes. United Construction Establishment W.L.L Carpentry Work Shop Division (CWSD) always seeks to satisfy its clients by focusing on his requirements and necessities.

United Construction Establishment W.L.L Carpentry Work Shop Division (CWSD), focuses to hire and retain the best carpentry technicians and provide them with up to date equipment’s, tools and training to ensure the quality of its products

Asphalt Plant

United Construction Establishment W.L.L Asphalt Plant Division began its operations in Qatar in 2002 offering asphalt of various specifications that rigidly adhere to international Quality Control Systems and that ensure, therefore, the right technical assistance in selecting on-spec materials and applications that are tailor-made to the project at hand. The plant includes a Testing Laboratory which carries out comprehensive lab and field tests for soil, asphalt and concrete which are keys to the successful completion of any project, particularly in challenging natural conditions. The United Construction Establishment Asphalt Plant is run by a team of qualified technical engineers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in asphalt production working with latest machinery such as laying, new pavers, finishers and rollers.

Currently we supply asphalt for :
  • Base Course with limestone aggregate
  • Intermediate course with limestone or gabbro aggregate
  • Surface course with gabbro aggregate
  • Prime coat MC70
  • Tack Coat

Our mix designs conform to international standards and our plant and mix designs are approved by Government Central Laboratory (Qatar General Organization for Standards and Meteorology). . The plant was manufactured and installed by Ammana Asphalt of Germany with a capacity of 160 tons per hour and a storage capacity of 200 tons of hot asphalt mix. The process of asphalt mixing is done automatically in a com puterized environment to ensure consistently good quality of asphalt and an uninterrupted supply to sites. Our mix designs conform to international standards and are approved by the Government of Qatar’s General Organization for Standards and Meteorology.

Plant Machinery & Vehicle Workshop

One of United Construction Establishment W.L.L major and important backup resources is the Transportation & Vehi cle Maintenance Division , which has always been getting the support by developing, renovating and upgrading the existing fleet with the latest plant equipment models and types, as well as updating the staff’s technical knowledge with training courses on latest development, each in his area of service.

The Division Management first Priority is to ensure that the equipment and its operators are having a third party’s fitness certificate, carried by highly qualified maintenance teams, distributed between the main garage and the mobile service vehicles, to keep the plant and equipment up on its original operational condition at all times.

Behind the Transportation & Vehicle Maintenance Division, United Construction Establishment W.L.L enjoys well equipped main Garage, its mobile service vehicles and the workshop’s full support, which gave the Department a very high flexibility and excellent quality in terms of the services provided to the clients. The strength of the Division is due to:

Availability of the spare parts in al Madar
  • The availability of highly qualified, well trained experienced and fitness certified operators.
  • Well Maintained and aptness certified plant and equipment
  • The fast response and quick attendance of the garage mechanics and the workshops technicians.
  • Fast repair of the plant and equipment breakdowns.
  • Equipment’s high Quality and Performance

All of the above factors, guarantee the continuity of the plant and subsequently prevent delays of the Clients pro jects, assure the high productivity and hence, reduce the costs lying on the clients.

Port-a-Cabin Division

United Construction Establishment W.L.L Port-a-Cabin Division was established on the idea that producing a quality product at a competitive price would set it apart; and it has. Our continuous efforts have made certain that our shareholders, staff, and customers are always satisfied. We have worked hard to make United Construction Establishment W.L.L Port-aCabin Division a leader in its field, and have held true to our mission.

Our Mission

Adopting a professional approach with focused objectives through smart investment in our employees to strength the professionalism and commitment of them, which allow us to scale new height of excellence, expand our market share and build upon our existing remarkable achievements.

Our Vision

To provide wide range of prefabricated buildings in high quality, time and cost effective. To build and maintain fruitful relationship with our clients through focusing in details with total commitment to quality without compromise, timely completion, excellent execution and safe performance.

Our Values

Our values, basic and fundamental shall remain the guiding light in our dealings internal and external. These will be the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our mission. Integrity: the courage to maintain the right from the wrong without compromise. Reliability: the ability to deliver on what we promise, without exception.

Accountability: the strength to be responsible for our own actions and decisions. Port